Thursday, February 19, 2015

Riding in (Kid-Proof) Cars With Boys

When I think of the word kid-proof, I immediately think of those silly doorknob covers that make it nearly impossible for a grown adult to open their own bathroom door without busting into the pee-pee dance while they simultaneously twist, turn and squeeze that plastic contraption. Sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone? Bueller....?

One thing I do not think of when the word kid-proof comes to mind, however, is cars. Which, if you think about it, is rather silly because believe it or not, cars are kid-proof. At least, so are the ones made by Chevy or GM.

GM designers and engineers are inspired by the actions of their very own children to make features within the vehicle "kid-proof." For instance, the plastic backing to the vehicle's seats is one of 7 aspects of a vehicle that consumers might not know was designed with kids kicking, fighting and making messes in mind.

In addition, the location and quantity of cup holders was also influenced by the needs of kids to not only make sure their drinks were easily reachable from typical kid seats but also held in place firmly and securely. 

After The Great Milkshake Debacle of 2014, I was never more thankful to be riding in a chocolate milkshake-covered Suburban. Why? Because GM works with suppliers to make sure that vehicle fabrics are durable and resistant to all sorts of stains.

It wasn't the fault of my Suburban's cup holders nor the responsibility of the driver in question, but rather a very sleepy toddler who fell asleep mid shake-slurp, resulting in the release and tumble of an unsecured milkshake. From the outside, it looked as if my SUV was involved in a cocoa dairy homicide of epic proportions. Who knew milkshake could splatter that fast and that far?

Quick thinking (and the fear of driving around for the next few months in an SUV reeking of spoiled milk) led me to pull off into a nearby strip mall where I hopped into the backseat and went to work with whatever cleaning tools I could scrounge from the confines of the backseat. A swaddling blanket and a handful of half-frozen baby wipes was all it took to rid the SUV of the mess.

So..  kid-proof or milkshake-proof, they're almost one in the same if you ask me!

I thought it might be interesting to get a kid's take on what it means to be kid-proof, along with some other ideas on riding in cars safely and I'm so glad I had my four and a half year old on hand to take on the task. I'm also quite proud of him for knowing who the better driver is in our family. I'm sure his answer had nothing to do with the fact that the named driver is responsible for feeding him 3+ meals per day...

Here he is again talking about what it means to be kid-proof. Gotta love a four-year-old's thoughts on the matter!

Has there ever been an instance in your experience when you've been thankful for a kid-proof car? I'd love to hear about! Share your story in the comments below!

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