Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Steppin' Out, Summer Style with Target Baby

Today I'm sharing summer wardrobe staples from Target Baby 
as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TargetCrowd

When it comes to putting together seasonal wardrobes for the boys, each season I head to Target Baby for the essentials; basic, quality pieces at a great value that I can mix and match all season long. Now that some of Target Baby's clothing runs from newborn up through big boy's size 7 (online), it's a great destination for matching/coordinating pieces for all three of my boys. 

My plan for this summer is to stock up on both solid and patterned shorts that are not only stylish but also functional, especially since I'll have a three-year-old potty trainer and one little baby still in diapers. Even though he's about to turn a year old I can still call him a little baby, right? 

Speaking of one still in diapers, how ridiculously cute is this brand new, exclusive bow tie print from Honest Company? Stashing a few of these diapers in our go-bag for the park makes changing diapers on the run all the more fun! Not to mention diaper changes during staged photo sessions (as if we would know anything about that...)

These easy pull-on (and off) shorts really hit the mark when it comes to looking stylish but remaining functional and since they're available in both chino and denim, I had to snag one of each! 

Being able to coordinate the boys' outfits lends itself to some pretty adorable photo opportunities and as both a mom and a photographer, I can't pass up a single chance I get to dress the boys alike and take their picture, much to their dismay, I'm sure.

Shopping at Target for summer wardrobe staples is easy on the budget, especially since I have three rough and rowdy boys to buy for. It doesn't take long for them to find the nearest creek and run through it, climb to the tippy top of the rock wall at the park and scrape a knee while doing so, or take a running leap before rolling down the grassy hills in the fields behind our house. A lot of the essential pieces that I find at Target Baby stand up to their incredible boy-ness and it's the most I could ask for from a pair of shorts or polo shirt, that's for sure!

Target really does have it all- a one stop shopping mecca for everything I need to keep my house full of boys happy, healthy and looking good! Stay tuned for next month's post all about finding stylish and age-appropriate swimwear (for all three boys!). I can't wait to tackle that challenge!   

Striped Chino Shorts
Gray Jean Shorts 
Button Down

Striped Chino Shorts
Gray Chino Shorts
Heathered Polo
Button Down

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  1. Such cute little boys in their Target duds!
    Unfortunately, there's not a Target located close to where I live. I like to shop there when I'm out of town and come across it.