Friday, May 15, 2015

Stress-Free Swimsuit Shopping For Boys (I'm Envious!)

Speaking of pools, we tend to go through one inflatable pool every summer season so it was only right that we kicked off the hottest day of Spring to date with a dip in the backyard pool. The big boys had a blast, whereas Collins would have much preferred the water feel more like bath time than a dip in, say, the arctic. I can appreciate a big inflatable pool as well, thus allowing me to take a quick dip with the boys without looking all sorts of Redneck Nation in one of those tiny plastic ditties (been there, done that, FYI and it wasn't pretty). 

While I love a good set of matching brothers, sometimes it's fun to let them each express a bit of their own style and I think these matching rash guard sets allow them to do just that. Maclane picked out his own swimsuitsunglasses and beach towel, with his own free two-year-old will. A will that is quite strong these days, might I add, while I picked out baby brother Collins' swimsuit and sunglasses while I still had freedom of an opinion. After all, how can you go wrong with baby Wayfarers and Aviators? You can't. You just can't. 

And kudos to Maclane for picking out quite possibly the softest beach towel, ever. Sometimes you can pick a super soft towel that doesn't do a lick of drying but this Luxe Beach Towel not only looks good but gets the job done. It's also quite over-sized which is perfect for more than one little boy tushy that might want to sit on it and I definitely can't complain about the awesome print. 

While we won't be heading to the beach this year for July 4th (sad face), we will be pool-hopping between a few of our neighborhood friends' houses and I couldn't resist these patriotic suits for the boys. I especially love how the baby's suit is one-piece which eliminates the rash guard from riding up and the trunks from sliding down when water-logged. 

I've gone ahead and rounded up a few more favorite swim-necessities that can be found on From cover-ups to swim sets, pool toys and water shoes, Target has everything we will need to not only kick off a Summer of Fabulous Fun but keep it fun and fabulous all summer long.

I’m sharing our cute swimwear looks from Target Baby as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TargetCrowd

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