Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Get Honest In The Bathroom.

I can remember all the way back to high school chemistry, afternoons spent working with caustic chemicals behind hoods, goggles and other protective barriers, learning how they mixed (and did not mix) with other substances and what type of effects these chemicals had on the environment around them and on those who used them frequently. 

A few of these chemicals were ones that I now see in my every day life, chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine and sulfur oxides. Chemicals that I once used to disinfect and clean the surfaces of my home. 

As a mom, my outlook on the use of some of these chemicals in the home has changed. I try my best to be mindful of what products I use around my children and the effect it may have not only on their little bodies but also their environment. As cheesy as it sounds, I try to be more mindful of leaving them a world that will be safe to grow in.

But, I also want a sparkling clean, germ-free bathroom! Is that too much to ask? I would be lying if I said I once thought I couldn't achieve that without harsh chemicals!

That's one of the main reasons I was so excited to test out some fantastic household products from The Honest Co., a company devoted to embracing the belief that we can make the world a better place for our children through the use of non-toxic, safe and healthy products and with more than twenty products to choose from, they are succeeding at redefining the "family brand."

Other important and interesting takeaways regarding The Honest Co. include: 

Honest is a Certified B Corporation. This means they are dedicated to making a profound social difference, safeguarding people and the planet and making efforts to be a better business. How awesome is that? It's like earning a LEED or Fair Trade certification, but for a business. 

With every purchase that you make, The Honest Company donates time, money and product to their current charitable partner, This worthy non-profit supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing fo children up to age 12. 

The Honest Company's goal is to provide customers with products they need and love (and exceptional service). This means that their ear is always to the ground- they love to hear from their community and take the feedback they learn from Facebook, their blog, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as customer support to create products that make sense for your lives. 

Let's face it, second to the floors, the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in our house and it's even dirtier now that we've started potty training our toddler son, so these products couldn't have arrived to our house at a more perfect time.

The first mess I decided to tackle was the toilet and from the second I opened up the wonderfully minty smelling toilet cleaner, I had my doubts. There was no way this eco-friendly, natural green cleaner was going to put a dent in the icky build-up of our toilet. So I squirted the product beneath the rim and watched as it clung to the bowl of the toilet just like those other cleaners clung. I let it sit, still doubtful, and moved onto the bathroom counter tops.

The counter tops that were sticky and tacky with the residue of hairspray, hand soap, children's toothpaste and lip gloss. Surely these messes would be no match for the bathroom cleaner!

I sprayed it on and went to wiping. Within minutes it looked as if I had cleaned using the other harsher bathroom cleaners that I had grown so accustomed to using. The stains lifted away and my counter tops were smooth once again. No streaking, no leftover residue. I immediately started thinking to myself where else I could use this cleaner and went to town on the bathroom fixtures, the shower walls and even the floor around the toilet. What a difference it made and without all of those added chemicals!

Oh and the toilet? Remarkably clean. So clean, in fact, cleaner than I ever imagined possible without the use of those harsher, toxic chemicals. I was and continue to be amazed and will never go back to using those other toilet bowl cleaners.


Okay, so I wanted to swap out some of the harsher chemicals that I've grown accustomed to using the bathroom but what about some of the products that aren't designed to clean surfaces but rather tiny, little sensitive bodies? Those are just as important, am I right?

I wanted to make the switch to a safe, new shampoo and body wash for the boys, one that was non-toxic, phlalate-free, hypoallergenic but also smelled deliciously yummy. As you and I both know there are few things greater than the smell of a freshly bathed baby and with some of the all-natural products out there, that sweet smell is hard to come by! 

Let me just say, after using this shampoo and body wash on the boys, I wanted to eat them up with a spoon! I couldn't stop myself from nuzzling my nose into their heads every chance I could. They literally smelled like tiny scrumptious creamsicles thanks to the delectable orange vanilla scent.

Speaking of heads, I'm always on the hunt for a detangling conditioning mist for the toddler's mess of beautiful curls. Too many mornings are spent fingering through the knots that so often accompany his bedhead that we've been desperate for a product that not only detangles but is also safe and full of ingredients I could pronounce. This product does exactly that! And not only does it detangle but it also enhances his soft, sweet curls! A win-win!

Have you ever thought about making the switch? I know one barrier for our family was always cost. I never thought I would be able to cost-effectively make the switch to more green-natured products and manage to stay within our monthly household budget but after a little research it's clear that The Honest Co. provides affordable products designed to promote a safe environment both inside and outside your home. 

If you've ever worried about the cost of making the switch, here is a special promo code. You can get $10 off of a $40 purchase at The Honest Co. using the code 10off40Pollinate. This coupon code is limited to first-time customers only and is good for one use per customer. It expires May 8th, 2013 so don't hesitate! 

If you are unsure of where to start, check out the following popular consumer options: 
Email Sign Up :: Diaper Trial :: Cleaning Trial

Now that I've decided to make the switch in our bathroom and have been pleasantly surprised with the results, I can't help but wonder what other rooms in the house I can tackle using safe, healthy, non-toxic products from The Honest Co. Perhaps the kitchen is up next? After all, they've proven to be worthy equivalents to those other cleaning products that you would find in the aisles of your local grocery store. 

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and The Honest Company but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #NaturallyHonest”


  1. Thanks for this! I am currently using natural products on the the tune of $80 for a body wash and lotion set. I would much rather spend less!

    1. Molly, thats CRAZY! Those boys need the shampoo and body wash- if nothing else. I kind of want to eat it straight out of the bottle... And if you bundle your order, it's cheaper in the long run!

  2. As far as cleaning products go, we're a Seventh Generation family. But I am surprised that Honest Co's prices are comparable. When their products first hit the market I remember thinking that they were muy expensivo. It's good to see that they are offering promotions so that everyone can afford to keep a happy, healthy, non-toxic home.