Saturday, November 16, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is... My Toddler To Sleep Through The Night.

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My first baby was a dream, literally. I don't tell very many people this but he was sleeping through the night at eight weeks old and by absolutely no work of my own. Moms are always so eager as to what secrets other moms have hiding up their sleeves to get their babies to sleep through the night and in our case, I'm convinced it was magic. Pure magic. 

My second baby? Well, he's an absolute sleep nightmare. He's currently seventeen months old and still wakes up two to three times a night. Every single night. Getting him down to sleep is cake but it's the staying asleep that we struggle with more nights per week than not. 

We've tried it all. 

He's cried it out, I've cried it out. We've lovingly half Ferber-ed, the most I could handle, begging and pleading while at the same time reassuring him that we're right here and that sleep is awesome. 

We've tried sleep sacks, magic suits, slumber bags and more. Blankies, lovies, sacred voodoo dances, you name it. His room, our room, hot or cold, the kid just won't stay asleep. 

Of course there's more to this story like how he's still nursing and after two failed attempts at weaning him from those pesky night feeds, I've declared myself too lazy to do anything other than forge on with the status quo. After all, this is a season, right? Surely he'll sleep through the night eventually. 

One thing we hadn't tried with him is white noise. Apparently after successfully raising one decent sleeper, I had completely forgotten all about this nifty little sleep aid designed to not only help babies fall asleep but keep them asleep as well. 

When given the opportunity to review the Dohmie by Marpac, I practically jumped at the chance. After all, would this be the solution that would grant me my only Christmas wish, for my toddler to finally sleep through the night? Or would I not only be exhausted but also disappointed in another product's empty promises?

It's been a little over one week since we welcomed the Dohmie into the nursery and I can say without a doubt that it's a little slice of heaven. A true dream machine, if you will. Using electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air, the Dohmie's sound is both seamless and continuous. The key word here being continuous. 

Unlike other white noise-type machines that work on a digital loop with a timer that shuts off after a period of time, this Dohmie runs all night long. After trying other white noise products in the past, the trouble I always ran into was as soon as it would shut off, the baby would wake up. Frustration city, but not the case with the Dohmie. 

Our first night, I tried the Dohmie on it's high setting as I was getting ready to lay my toddler down in his crib. I will admit, it's a bit loud and startling at first and took some getting used to. Once he had fallen asleep, however, I flipped the Dohmie on it's low setting and crossed my fingers. 

For the first time in nearly seventeen months, my toddler slept for longer than four hours. 

I was floored. Surely it couldn't be the Dohmie, could it? I literally had to peek in on him as I was so used to him waking up just two to three hours after initially laying down but to my surprise he was fast asleep, the gentle soothing whir of the Dohmie filling his nursery. 

Night after night he continued to sleep five and six hours at a time. Sure he was still waking up but only once during the entire night was a major improvement. It was literally like night and day. 

Super light and easy to pack up and travel with, the Dohmie even made it's way with us over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house in New Jersey, where once again, both the toddler and I enjoyed hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

The gentle whir of the natural white noise created by the Dohmie is so soothing in fact, that I've even contemplated buying one for both our master bedroom and my older son's bedroom as well. 

Finally, a product that delivered just what it promised. It's a Christmas miracle! Thank you, Dohmie, for helping my toddler sleep comfortably and peacefully at night and for the best sleep I've gotten in over seventeen months! 

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  1. We have this same sound machine, and I could kiss it, I love it that much. It travels with us everywhere. I don't care if I forget everything I need, as long as I have the sound machine for my girl, I'm good. I love my sleep, and I do everything I can to cultivate that love in my daughter. :)

  2. We have two of these in both nurseries. I swear by them! We take them everywhere we go!!!

  3. Hmmm. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one with a 18month old that has yet to sleep through the night ever. Actually she never sleeps more than a couple hours at a time. We have a continuos sound machine and no help. Perhaps we should try this baby out. Weaning would help too but the toddler has more stamina and stubbornness in her than an entire army!

  4. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with a toddler who won't stay asleep for more the 2 hours after we put him to sleep then continues to wake up every 3 hours. I'm definitely trying this machine!

  5. We have used a sound machine from a few months in, in a sleepless, colic-induced stupor. Now, nearly 3 years later, sister turns it on herself each night! I keep wondering when we'll lose it, heck, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! And yes- the continuous sound is key! So glad it's working for you guys, hope it keeps up!

  6. I wonder if this would work for my boys? Gonna have to wait til after Christmas to have the budget to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. This is in my 'buy now' list. I have a no napping 5 month old and would try anything. He only sleeps for 10 min about 3 times a day, that's it. Sounds like I should be thankful he sleeps 11 hours at night though. Thanks for the great review

  8. Our toddler has slept with a slightly different version of this since birth and I agree that it is a god-send. Hope the sleep keeps coming!! :)

  9. I've used a sound machine from day one with Rhys - I am not looking forward to the day that it breaks or we are told we should stop using one. I think it helps tremendously! Rhys was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks too and I'm sure magic has absolutely everything to do with it, but I am not changing anything now! :)