Saturday, November 2, 2013

Congratulations! But HOW Pregnant Are You?

Is that really a line? Shake, shake, shake. 

Let's put it down on the sink for a minute and wait. And wait, and wait for what feels like an eternity.

Do you see it? That second line? Here, let me hold it up to the light. Don't worry, it's capped. I won't get any pee on you. 

There's a definitely a line but just in case, let's pee on approximately fourteen more tests and splurge on the digital one that uses words rather than symbols to clue you in on the giant life-changing milestone that's about to occur. 

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Well, I am. But if you're anything like me, you've been in this situation at least once, more than once if you're really like me. 

The very first time I was pregnant with Carter I temped and charted religiously. You could have framed my charts and hung them on the wall they were so beautifully executed and color-coded. I knew my cycles, I knew my dates, I was regular and there was no guesswork when it came to figuring out just when our darling little boy was conceived or when his due date would be. I was a textbook case and any OB's dream. 

When I was pregnant with Maclane, once again I was on top of my game. My due date was never questioned and each ultrasound and growth check measured up perfectly with my timeline. 

And then I became pregnant with baby number 3, all the while still nursing baby-toddler number 2. My dates were a mess and nothing was regular except perhaps, the frequency with which I was peeing on pregnancy tests and when, after more than eight negative tests and a gut feeling that just wouldn't disappear, I finally saw what I had been waiting for all along. 

Shock, elation, tears, laughter. It's a wonder all of the emotions that rush through you in those first few minutes. Once those emotions settled, I was struck with another different kind of thought though. 

Wait a minute, I'm pregnant but just how pregnant am I? Or rather, how pregnant was I when I split that bottle of wine with my husband at dinner a couple of weeks ago? It was in that moment that I wished I had a test that could give me just a little more information. Wouldn't that be amazing? 
Displaying CLB_ADPT_landscape_PackShot.jpg
Well, thanks to Clearblue now there is. It's called the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator. It's the first and only test of its kind available in the U.S. that not only tells a woman with over 99% accuracy that she is pregnant but with over 93% accuracy it estimates the number of weeks that she is pregnant based on the time since ovulation. 

How incredible is that? Now you can rest assured with even more information at hand as you embark on the amazing, incredible, exhausting journey that is pregnancy and unlike those tests with those frustratingly difficult to read lines, Clearblue Weeks Estimator displays your results using clear, easy to deciphers words, removing the stress and anxiety that often comes with guessing "Do I see a line there or not?"
Displaying Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator Product Tour.jpg

The Clearblue Weeks Estimator is available at your local CVS pharmacy. Even though I'm thirty years old and a mature, grown adult at that, there's just something about walking into the drugstore to purchase a pregnancy test that makes me turn beet red and giggle like a sheepish little school girl. If you happen to feel the same, might I suggest shopping online at where this test is also available for purchase. 

Although this pregnancy is shaping up to likely be our last and I don't plan on peeing on any sticks this summer (or ever again in the foreseeable future), I would have loved to have the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy test on hand during my previous pregnancies! 

Who knows, maybe I'll just stash one of these beneath the bathroom cabinet just in case... 
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Did you really have 8 negative tests? I'm curious how far along you were when you tested positive?

    1. I was four weeks pregnant when I tested positive, getting negatives right up until two days after I assumed I would get my period. I had only three periods since having Maclane and they weren't consecutive so it was a wild guessing game this time around!

    2. Thanks for replying. Just hopeful my own negative may turn positive.